Citizens Bank Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Citizens Bank Login:


Citizens Bank Login Instructions:

1. Enter the Citizens Bank Login page URL into your browser. You may also follow this link directly for easier access:

2. Click your desired option: Online Checking (Login to manage your checking and debit accounts) or Online Cards (Login to manage your Citizens Bank credit cards). 

3. To manage your online accounts, follow this link:

4. Enter your username on the provided textbox.

5. Enter your password on the provided textbox.

6. Click the "Login" button to finish the log in process.



Citizens Bank Login Reset Instructions:

1. To manage your online accounts, follow this link:

2. Click the "Locked out or forgot your password? Click here" link located at the lower part of the log in area. You should be automatically redirected to this link:

3. To receive password assistance, enter your username on the provided textbox.

4. Enter your Email address on the provided textbox.

5. Click the Next button to proceed.

6. Follow the remaining instructions to finish the log in reset process.


Contact Details:

If you are still having a hard time logging in into your account, you can contact Citizens Bank directly by using the information provided below:

If you have any questions about your account or experience any difficulties while using this site, you can Citizens Bank at 1-800-684-2222. Its service hours are Monday - Friday; 7 am to 1 am EST, Saturday and Sunday; 7 am to midnight EST.    


Or you can write to Citizens Bank at: Citizens Customer Service Department, PO Box 7092, Bridgeport, CT 06601.

Customer Service:

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